Annual Maintanance Contract (AMC)

Annual Maintenance Contract in short, AMC for a Facility Management Company is an agreement executed between the Property/ Facility owner and the Facility Management Company, where the Facility Management Company agrees to do the maintenance of the entire property for an agreed upon amount. In most of the cases the agreement is done for a period of 12 Months, since its called as an Annual Maintenance Contract. At Gulfaar Facility Management services, we provide the entire maintenance of the property which includes all the segments like Electrification, Plumbing, Carpentry, Painting, CCTV maintenance, Air Conditioning, Elevator Maintenance etc. We oer 3 customizable package plans for the clients to choose from. 1. On-Site Service: In this type of service, we provide a team of high profile and skillful team of Technicians who will take care of the property's maintenance requirements on a continued basis, round the clock for an year. 2. On- Call basis: In this type of program the Gulfaar Facility Management team will have a back-up of Technicians ready to visit the property 24/7, if any requirement arise. This package can be best explained as "The technical support available just a call away". 3. Preventive Maintenance Service: This type of contract ensures the prevention of any damages or shutdowns before the things go wrong. A team of Technicians will visit the property on regular intervals and the makes sure the property is in good shape and condition. Detailed reports are submitted to the client after each visit and an inventory is maintained for the future reference.

The contract clauses will include:

  • The client's choice of Package.
  • Duration of the contract.
  • Payment required for the service.
  • Nature of services including emergencies
  • Standard of services maintained.
  • Reporting and Record keeping.
  • Spares and contractor liability.
  • Termination of the agreement etc.

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