International HR Recruitment

Helps you to acquire the workforce from the international market. The recruitment processes including the documentation works are dealt by Gulfaar International HR Recruitment specialists.

Local and Global Hiring:

Recruitment of local candidates are done without hustles by our Local Hiring Team who are expert hands for domestic recruitment services.

Executive Search:

Gulfaar Executive search team is well equipped with their remarkable database and network to implement executive search and recruitment while there an immediate internal recruitment is required.

Temporary and contract Staffing:

We provide any number of staff to work for your organization on a temporary basis. The contract period is flexible and depends upon the type of project undertaken.

Permanent Recruitment:

Permanent recruitment involves bringing in fulltime employees who are expected to work and grow with the company on their payroll

Outsourcing Service:

Outsourcing of labour is a trending practice among the corporates as it is convenient for them to focus on their core competencies rather than spending time on recruitment procedures.

Career Management:

Our career management team helps the employees to achieve their goals & objectives and to progress in their career by guiding and motivating them with their specialized coaching sessions.

Flexi Staffing By Flexi Staffing Services Include:

Agency temporaries – In this type of services, we provide workers to a specific company for a limited period of time on a fill-in basis or for a finite project. Leased Employees – Here, a company can lease its workforce from us. The workers are typically directed by the client, but are on the payroll of Gulfaar.

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